Poole Harbour by Mark Watkinbelonging Poole Harbour
Mark Watkin
to a supportive community
sharing interests and experiences
Romsey Gardens by Herry Lawfordimagine life at a slower pace
with time to enjoy the journey
Romsey Gardens
Herry Lawford
Brockenhurst by Jack PeaseNear Brockenhurst
Jack Pease
connecting with history, with nature
with beauty, with people

slowwmo CIC

Converting interest into passion

slowwmo CIC is a social enterprise creating connections. Connections for people and for organisations. And converting interest into passion.

We currently work using historical transport routes as our engagement platform: routes which were created to bring products to market and people to communities, now re-purposed as leisure and wildlife routes. 

We create platforms based on the route where people today can connect with each other and with the past, creating communities that are interested in the journey, interested in a slower pace of life, where quality and individuality is important. Where connections can be made with those already passionate and engaged with the organisation to encourage all who are interested to find out more, to engage; but also to become more active if possible and to increase their social connections.

Individuals will benefit with the effect on activity levels and improvements in mental health. Third sector organisations will benefit  from increased engagement with their members, and reduction in churn rates, allowing more stable organisation finances.

Our first route was the Corkscrew Railway, a line built in 1847 connecting the small places and businesses of the New Forest and Dorset with Southampton and with London.

This route changed lives in 1847… and we hope that our platform will change lives today.  

Our plans…

Corkscrew is our first platform. We plan to establish more, working with other organisations to enhance their communication and engagement work with their members, beneficiaries and those interested in their subject.  We are talking to wildlife trusts, to heritage organisations and to other membership organisations. 

So imagine…

imagine a map of the historic route, and imagine overlaying a map of all the people and trade connections of that route.  

imagine a map of today, and the connections with the route and the people who use the route today, their stories, their work and their adventures.

imagine being part of a community that celebrates these connections, from the past, in the present and in the future.

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